Four ‘J’ Class yachts, Velsheda, Ranger, Lionheart and Rainbow competed in a series of races between the 26 and 30 June 2012 in the waters of Falmouth Bay extending from St Anthony’s Head to Porthoustock on the Lizard.

These J Class yachts are truly in a class of their own; 140 feet long, weighing over 200 tons, costing £20 million, worked by up to 30 crew and carring an awesome 10,000 feet of sail, they make one of the greatest ocean sailing spectacles ever likely to be witnessed.

Watching them majestically glide pass a tanker moored in Falmouth Bay, their sails towering above the ships bridge, really puts the sheer grandeur of these vessels into perspective.

When not at sea these vessels will be moored up in Falmouth harbour on pontoons close to Events Square and the National Maritime Museum.

There are several vantage points around the coastline from where spectators can watch the boats progress around Falmouth Bay, with the most popular being Pendennis Point, close to the start and finish line.

For the benefit of spectators and subject to weather it is intended that starts and finishes of races will be from the mouth of the Fal Estuary between Pendennis Point and Black Rock. However, the course will be set daily dependant on weather conditions which will determine at what point the fleet will come nearest to the shore. Latest press release have put race time starts back 1 hour to 12:00 with the finish times approximately three hours later dependent on the course and sea conditions.

The prize giving will take place at 19:00 on 30 June at Pendennis Castle.

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J Class yachts racing in Falmouth Bay
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