Visiting anglers to Falmouth in Cornwall are not only in for a culinary treat but also some good fishing.

The Red Gurnard is not only considered an excellent eating fish and served in the town’s many fine fish restaurants but there is the added bonus that anglers can catch them in the nearby deep waters of the Fal estuary and inshore waters. Red Gurnard are normally associated more with boat fishing but here they can sometimes be caught from shore marks offering deep water and clean sandy ground within casting range.

The Red Gurnard is a most curious fish that grunts when caught and is very boney to hold. It can scuttle across the seabed standing on its fins and uses its extended pectoral fins as additional sensory organs to find food such as shrimp, crabs, worms and sandeels.

It can be caught on feathers baited with fish strips fished close to the bottom or on conventionally-fished worm and sandeels fished on sand and mud.

Red Gurnard off Falmouth
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