what holiday accommodation is near Cadgwith Cove?

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are there self-catering cottages near Cadgwith Cove?

Seascape, Cadgwith (4 star)
The Coach House, Cadgwith

what hotels are near Cadgwith Cove?

Housel Bay Hotel, Lizard (3 star)

is there a holiday park near Cadgwith Cove?

Gwendreath Farm Holiday Park, Kennack Sands (3 star)

what guesthouses are near Cadgwith Cove?

Chyheira, Cadgwith (4 star)

what bed and breakfast accommodation is near Cadgwith Cove?

Cadgwith Cove Inn, Cadgwith (3 star)
New Thatch, Cadgwith (4 star)

what hostels are near Cadgwith Cove?

YHA Lizard, Lizard (4 star)

where are the nearest caravan and camping sites to Cadgwith Cove?

Silver Sands Holiday Park, Kennack Sands (4 star)

what’s the nearest touring caravan site to Cadgwith Cove?
where’s the nearest Caravan Club site to Cadgwith Cove?

Carnon Downs Caravan Park, Truro
Penhallick Farm, Coverack (Certificated Location)
Specky Wood, Coverack (Certificated Location)