Porthcurno beach from Minack Theatre


- Porthcurno beach: where is this beach?
On the south coast of Cornwall between Land's End and Penzance.
- Porthcurno beach: what's the nearest town?
- Porthcurno beach: which direction does this beach face?
- Porthcurno beach: what's the nearest visitor attraction?
Porthcurno Telegraph Museum and Minack Theatre.
- Porthcurno beach: what’s the nearest beach?
Porth Chapel to the west.

summer at Porthcurno beach


- Porthcurno beach: is this a sandy beach?
- Porthcurno beach: is this a clean beach?
Yes, it's cleaned daily in season.
- Porthcurno beach: what awards has this beach received?
Marine Conservation Society Recommended.
- Porthcurno beach: is this a family-friendly beach?
- Porthcurno beach: are dogs allowed on this beach?
No, dogs are banned from Easter Day to 30 September.
- Porthcurno beach: is this beach sheltered?
Yes, it's tucked into a cove with rocky headlands on either side. It is open to the south-east winds.
- Porthcurno beach: who owns this beach?
The National Trust owns Porthcurno beach.

Porthcurno beach information board


- Porthcurno beach: is there a cafe at this beach?
There is a beach cafe a few minutes walk from the beach.
- Porthcurno beach: are there toilets near this beach?
There are toilets at the car park approximately 200m from the beach.
- Porthcurno beach: are there lifeguards at this beach?
Yes, RNLI lifeguards are on the beach from June to September, 10am to 6pm.
- Porthcurno beach: is there wheelchair access to this beach?
No, there are steep steps down to the beach.
- Porthcurno beach: what disabled facilities are there at this beach?
- Porthcurno beach: what's the nearest pub called?
Cable Station Inn in Porthcurno village.
- Porthcurno beach: where are the nearest gardens to this beach?
Penberth Gardens, Penberth, TR19 6HJ (by appointment only).
Chygurno, Lamorna, TR19 6XH (National Gardens Scheme)

lifeguard information at Porthcurno beach


- Porthcurno beach: can you swim off this beach?
Yes but it shelves deeply at high tide.
- Porthcurno beach: what's the surfing like at this beach?
It can be good in the right conditions.
- Porthcurno beach: can you learn to surf on this beach?
There isn't a surf school based here.
- Porthcurno beach: can you hire a kayak on this beach?
- Porthcurno beach: is it good for rock pooling?
At low tide there are rocks exposed that can be explored.

coast path sign to Porthcurno beach


- Porthcurno beach: what walks are there from this beach?
The beach is part of the South West Coast Path (see below) and Porthcurno is the starting point for the AA's Golden Beaches and Cliffs at Porthcurno walk.
- Porthcurno beach: where does the South West Coast Path go from this beach?
Walk west past the Minack Theatre to Land's End.
Walk east to Lamorna.
- Porthcurno beach: how far is it to Porthgwarra on the South West Coast Path from this beach?
1.25 miles west.
- Porthcurno beach: how far is it to Penberth on the south west coast path from this beach?
1.25 miles east.

Porthcurno beach car park


- Porthcurno beach: where can you park for this beach?
There is a pay and display car park a few minutes walk from the beach.
- Porthcurno beach: what’s the grid reference for this beach?
Grid reference: LR SW387222
- Porthcurno beach: what are the sat nav co-ordinates?
Latitude/longitude: 50.043043N and 5.650698W
- Porthcurno beach: what's the post code?
Post code: TR19 6JU (for sat nav purposes)
- Porthcurno beach: how far is it to Penzance?
9 miles, 16 minutes drive.
- Porthcurno beach: are there buses to this beach?
- Porthcurno beach: is there a railway station near this beach?
No. The nearest train station is Penzance.

Porthcurno beach in summer


- Porthcurno beach: what's the fishing like?
Fishing from the sandy beach can be good but impractical during the day in season due to its popularity with holiday-makers.
- Porthcurno beach: what species of fish can be caught here?
The beach slopes quite steeply and if the conditions are settled early mornings and evening can produce a variety of fish species including bass, mackerel, garfish and scad to float fished baits and lures. Other species such as small-eyed ray, greater weaver, small turbot and gurnard have also been caught on bottom baits. Off the rocks and particularly those beneath the Minack Theatre some specimen ballan wrasse can be caught along with pollack, mackerel and garfish on float fished baits. Bottom fished baits fished from these rocks may also catch red gurnard, conger and lesser-spotted dogfish but on such mixed ground almost anything could turn up.

In the winter different species may be fished for from both rock marks and the beach. Dabs, whiting and coalfish are the main species but with the recent increase in cod numbers around the Cornish coast there is also the chance of a cod from these marks.
- Porthcurno beach: what’s the bass fishing like at this beach?
See above.
- Porthcurno beach: what’s the mackerel fishing like at this beach?
See above.
- Porthcurno beach: where’s the nearest bait shop to this beach?
Two popular fishing tackle shops are Newtown Angling Centre, TR20 9AE Tel: 01736 763721 and The Fishing Tackle Box, Penzance, TR18 2HT Tel: 01736 360378

Porthcurno beach in July


- Porthcurno beach: what's the wildlife like?
Porthcurno Beach is set amongst one of the most exciting coastlines in the UK to watch wildlife.
- Porthcurno beach: are there any dolphins?
Around this coastline, and often very close to the shore, common and bottlenose dolphins are regularly seen. Other less frequently sighted species such as risso's dolphin, harbour porpoises and even the rare minke whale are always a possibility.
- Porthcurno beach: where’s the best place to see seals?
Grey seals are commonly seen throughout the year all around this coastline and one may pop his head up near the beach at any time. However, the best chance of seeing a grey seal is at Godrevy Point on the North Coast, where, in winter, over a hundred at a time can be seen hauled out at Mutton Cove and at any time of the year a few can normally be seen in the waters below the headland.
- Porthcurno beach: are there basking sharks here?
Basking sharks appear annually in Cornish waters in the spring and summer and can be seen from Porthcurno beach but their numbers and their appearance are unpredictable and nearby headlands give you a far better chance of spotting them.
- Porthcurno beach: what's the bird-watching like?
The headlands around Porthcurno also provide some of the best bird-watching in the country. Cornwall is the only county in England to have a breeding colony of Chough and although their main stronghold is a few miles away on the Lizard they may be found on other cliff tops not far away and are hopefully spreading their range.

As well as a huge variety of seabirds commonly seen, such as guillemot, razorbill, gannet, kittiwake and fulmar, headlands such as nearby Gwenapp Head near Porthgwarra have earned a reputation as being one of the best places to see passing oceanic seabirds such as shearwaters, skuas and petrels.

Then, of course, there is the spring and autumn migration of birds which every year sees millions of common and some very rare birds land in the valleys and headlands in this part of Cornwall during their epic flights to and from their summer and winter quarters.
- Porthcurno beach: is it an SSSI?
Yes, the SSSI extends from Porthcurno to Penberth Cove to the east. It is also within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).
- Porthcurno beach: is it part of a marine conservation area?
- Porthcurno beach: are there wildflowers at this beach?
For the botonist there are many plant species to be found on this part of the Cornish coast.

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