Land's End in February


- what's at Land's End?
Land's End has many attractions and activities on offer. There are childrens entertainments, craft centres, restaurants, shops, a hotel and, of course, spectacular scenery, walking and wildlife watching from an RSPB discovery centre.
- is there a clean beach?
No, Land's End is bordered by very steep rocky cliffs and visitors are warned to stay away from edges and not to attempt to climb down them. However, there is the stunning Sennen beach at Whitesand Bay only one mile away with easy access.
- is Land's End family-friendly?
Yes, although it is close to a wild environment with steep cliffs so care is needed.
- are dogs allowed at Land's End?
Yes, on a lead, but they're not allowed into the visitor attractions and restaurants.
- is Land's End sheltered?
No, it is very exposed.
- who owns Land's End?
Strangely, Land's End is privately owned and the present owners, Heritage Attractions Limited, purchased the site off Peter de Savary in 2006. Over the years the site has become more commercial with many attractions and money spent improving and expanding existing buildings. At one time you had to pay to enter but at the moment it is free to enter with a charge for parking. There can be specially reduced parking charges out of season and visitors can find out current rates from the company's own website. One other peculiarity with Land's End is that should you wish to have your photo taken under the famous signpost pointing out over the sea then that, too, is privately owned but you may pay to have your photograph taken.

Land's End sign post


- where is Land's End?
It's right at the far south west tip of mainland Britain.
- what's the nearest town to Land's End?
- is Land's End on the north or south coast of Cornwall?
Neither really, it's the turning point.
- what's the nearest visitor attraction to Land's End?
Land's End is itself a large visitor attraction.
- what’s the nearest beach?
Sennen on Whitesand Bay, 1 mile to the north.

Land's End visitor attractions


- what can you do at Land's End?
Beside the stunning ocean views and the wildlife there are a variety of visitor attractions including shops, restaurants, a hotel, gift shops, craft workshops and The First and Last House in mainland Britain.
- what activities are popular at Land's End?
There are several specialist craft workers at Greeb Farm, part of the Land's End complex where you can find an artist, a craftsman making silver jewelery, a pottery shed where visitors can throw a pot and a skilled glass engraver.

Land's End RSPB Wildlife Discovery Centre sign


- what's the wildlife like at Land's End?
A wealth of wildlife can be seen from the spectacular cliffs all around Land's End. For more information of Land's End wildlife visit the Cornish wildlife photography website Wildlife Insight.
- are there any dolphins at Land's End?
Yes, they are not guaranteed but sightings of Common and Bottlenose Dolphin can be had at anytime of the year. Other species such as Risso's Dolphin and Common Porpoise are also seen at times.
- where’s the best place to see seals near Land's End?
Seals can be seen at any time of the year all around this coastline and are regularly seen in the waters below the cliffs at Land's End. One of the largest colonies in Cornwall is at Mutton Cove, Godrevy Point, where early in the year as many as 100 can be hauled out on the beach.
- are there basking sharks at Land's End?
Yes, but they can be scarce and the best chance of seeing them is during late spring and summer. Even the occasional whale is recorded annually.
- what's the bird-watching like at Land's End?
Sea watching can be excellent from the RSPB Wildlife Discovery Centre hide on the nearby cliffs with a variety of sea birds, birds on passage, a large colony of Kittiwakes and even the possibility of seeing the Cornish Chough.
- is Land's End a SSSI?
No, the nearest is Porthgwarra to Pordenack Point SSSI to the south.
- is Land's End part of a marine conservation area?
The waters around Lands End have been ear marked to become marine conservation areas in forthcoming legislation.
- are there wildflowers at Land's End?
Yes, the windswept cliff tops have coastal species such as Thrift, Sea Campion and Wild Thyme.

Land's End anchor


- what's the fishing like at Land's End?
The cliffs are very steep and dangerous and so fishing is not recommended.
- what species of fish can be caught at Land's End?
Fishing at Land's End is not recommended but the beaches around Sennen Cove and Sennen harbour are popular places to fish.
- where’s the nearest bait shop to Land's End?
For your main fishing tackle and information Penzance is the nearest town but basic fishing tackle can often be purchased from more local general stores.

stone sign to Land's End above Porthcurno beach


- where can you park at Land's End?
The car parks are located at the entrance and although entry to Land's End is free there is a charge for parking. Rates may vary according to season so visitors are advised to check the latest information on the owners official website.
- what’s the grid reference for Land's End?
LR SW344250
- what are the sat nav co-ordinates for Land's End?
Latitude/longitude: 50.065909N, 5.712019W
- what's the post code for Land's End?
TR19 7AJ (for sat nav purposes)
- how far is it to Penzance?
10 miles by car on the A30.
- are there buses to Land's End?
Yes, from Penzance and Sennen.
- is there a railway station near Land's End?
No, the nearest is in Penzance.

coast path sign at Land's End


- is Land's End on the South West Coast Path?
- how far is it to Sennen on the South West Coast Path from Land's End?
About 1 mile to the north.
- how far is it to Porthgwarra on the South West Coast Path from Land's End?
About 3 3/4 miles to the south and east.

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